The NC State Board of Education and the NC Department of Public Instruction have entered into official non-binding agreements with the following partner countries to enhance the exchange of classroom practices, foster opportunities for administrative teacher and student exchanges as well as classroom, school and district partnerships.

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Agreement renewed at SBE April 2016 meeting (first agreement signed in 1995)

Purpose: In recognition of the importance that the English and Spanish languages carry as means of communication between individuals as well as countries, and of the valuable role communication plays in the exchange of ideas int eh fields of economics, science and culture, strengthen ties between the citizens of the Kingdom of Spain and the State of North Carolina and interculturalism will be an essential element.

The main objectives for the cooperative programs that will be developed under this MOU the improvement of the quality and extent of the teaching of Spanish language and culture in North Carolina, and the English language and North American culture in Spain, in order to:
  • Promote relationships between citizens of North Carolina and Spain
  • Foster knowledge and appreciation of the culture shared by the two communities
  • Provide students who enroll in these programs with a bilingual and multicultural education that trains them for future personal, academic and professional success
  • Provide professional growth opportunities to teachers of North Carolina and Spain

Current Exchanges or Projects:
  • Visiting Teachers
  • In-service training programs for teachers and administrators of North Carolina
  • International Spanish Academies
  • Scholarships, School Exchange, School of the Year Awards
Lille logo.png
Agreement signed at SBE May 2014 meeting

Both parties recognize the importance that the English and French languages carry as means of communication between individuals as well as countries, and of the viable role communications play in the exchange of ideas in the areas of economies, international affairs, history, geography, science, cultures and societies.

This cooperative educational program between NCDPI/SBE and the Académie would facilitate teacher and student exchanges, promote new pedagogical practices, expand the international dimension in teaching professional development in North Carolina and in the Académie, explore international language academy designations and improve the partners’ educational systems.


The objective of this Memorandum of Understanding is to establish the terms of cooperation in order to:

- support the learning of French language and francophone cultures in North Carolina and the
learning of English language and American culture in the Académie;

- promote a better knowledge and understanding of their respective educational systems;

- provide professional growth opportunities to teachers of North Carolina and of the Académie;

- establish collaboration between teachers and encourage their teaming through common projects;
andfacilitate language learning opportunities for students, including short-term educational

Current Exchanges or Projects:

  • University internships with Lille University in local schools
  • Exploration with Waddell Language Academy and South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools on immersion continuation courses in middle and high school as well as partnerships with classrooms in Lille
  • Exploration of high school career and technical internships
Jiangsu Province Ministry of Education
Agreement renewed at SBE May 2016 meeting (first agreement signed in 2008)

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE), the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE), and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) agree to this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop collaborative programs in K-12 education. The MOU recognizes that:
  • JPDE and SBE have built a successful relationship through mutual exchange and shared values, and that this MOU will renew the relationship established at the signing of their previous MOUs on May 1, 2008 and May 7, 2012.
  • Both Jiangsu Province and North Carolina are committed to strengthening the global competence of their students;
  • Educational collaboration and exchange are effective vehicles for fostering the development of global competence and mutual understanding;
  • Partnerships have already been established between schools in Jiangsu Province and in North Carolina, and,
  • Institutions of higher education in Jiangsu Province and North Carolina are already collaborating on a variety of projects.

  • To strengthen knowledge and understanding of each other's countries and cultures among K-12 educational leaders, educators and students,
  • To facilitate the development of programs and activities which will foster mutual understanding , and
  • To develop a framework for a sustainable relationship between JPDE, SBE, and NCDPI.
  • Facilitate and support the elementary, middle and high school partnerships already established between schools and further agree to encourage the development of additional school partnerships.
  • Collaborations will focus on the themes of: Confucius Classrooms construction; Math and scrunchie education; language education; Culture and arts education; Lesson planning and research; Business climate; Education as a tool for economic development
  • To the degree possible, technology should be utilized to facilitate dialogue and collaborations.