Global Education Connections to the Standard Course of Study Resources Documents

It is vitally important teachers prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to being competent and skilled citizens who are engaged and productive in not only in our local, state, and national communities, but the vastly interdependent global community also. To accomplish this, teachers of ALL content areas must embed global competencies into teaching and learning, daily. Educators should use the Global Education Resources Document to develop aligned curriculum, units, lessons, and other resources, as well as extra-curricular programs, student services programs, and professional learning opportunities. The Global Education Resources Document contains global connections found in the content areas in the NC Standard Course of Study, along with supporting resources and tools.

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list and will be updated as needed.

Arts Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

English Language Arts (ELA)

English Language Development

Guidance (under development)

Healthful Living



Social Studies

World Languages