NCEES Element Connections

North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Global Connections

The rate of change of technology, coupled with an ever increasing global knowledge base results in the need for a personalized professional development path for educators. The concept behind the Global Educator Digital Badge (GEDB) process is to allow educators to demonstrate their global competence through the ability to develop their students' capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance through disciplinary and interdisciplinary study. The badging process allows educator to reflect on their NC Educator Evaluation Rubric specific global awareness elements performance. This analysis will then provide for educator customization of their professional growth needs in those elements and along with their supervising admi9nistrator determine the professional development path that meets their documented goals and/or strategies. Attainment of the digital badge is not an endorsement on the educator license, rather it is a a reflection of the focused professional development and resulting classroom, school, or district practice as seen in the Capstone Project.

Below are abridged educator rubrics with only the global awareness elements that are indicated in the GEDB Policy. Teacher Capstone Projects are curriculum units in which global has been embedded and administrators elements coupled with the teacher elements guide their Capstone Projects that support the classroom global awareness practices.

NCEES Global Awareness Rubric Elements


Teacher Leadership Specialist

Library Media Coordinators

Instructional Technology Facilitators

School Counselor

Career Development Coordinator

School Social Workers

School Psychologist

Speech Language Pathologist

Instructional Central Office Staff

Principal/Assistant Principal