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This wiki is used to share information, resources and materials for dual language/immersion programs:

Dual Language/Immersion (DLI) Team Contacts

K-12 Program Areas

For questions about World Language standards and DLI programs, please contact:

Ann Marie Gunter

World Languages Consultant

Email: ann.gunter@dpi.nc.gov


World Languages Wiki


For questions about serving English learners in DLI programs, please contact any one of the Title III/ESL Consultants:

Ivanna M.T. Anderson

Title III/ESL Consultant

Email: ivanna.anderson@dpi.nc.gov

Charlotte "Nadja" Trez

Title III/ESL Consultant

Email: nadja.trez@dpi.nc.gov

For questions about Title III data, please contact:

Lindsey Fults

Title III/ESL Consultant

Email: lindsey.fults@dpi.nc.gov

ESL wiki.jpg

English Language Development Wiki


For questions about K-12 Program Areas, please contact:

Christie Lynch Ebert

Section Chief of K-12 Program Areas

(Arts Education, ESL, School Counseling, World Languages)

Email: christie.lynchebert@dpi.nc.gov

Linda Crouch

Program Assistant for K-12 Program Areas
Email: linda.crouch@dpi.nc.gov
Phone: 919-807-3861

Global Education

For questions about Global Education, please contact:

Helga Fasciano

Special Assistant for Global Education


Amy Betsill Bain
Administrative Assistant
Email: amy.betsill@dpi.nc.gov
Phone: 919-807-3817
NC Global Ed logo.png

NCDPI Global Education


Global Education Wiki


K-3 Literacy

For questions about K - 3 Literacy Assessment, please contact:

Anne Evans

K-3 Literacy Consultant, Sandhills District

Email: anne.evans@dpi.nc.gov


NCDPI K - 3 Literacy


NC Read to Achieve LiveBinder


Academic and Digital Learning

For questions about course codes, please contact:

Hunter Huffman

Special Projects Manager

Email: hunter.huffman@dpi.nc.gov