See the **Global Educator Implementation Guide** for more details regarding the Capstone Project requirements and submission process. Below is a summary and direct resource links to assist you in the development of your Capstone Project.
The type of Capstone Project to be completed is determined by your educator role as follows:

Teachers are to develop a curriculum unit or units that address their Standard Course of Study and develop their students' global awareness by embedding opportunities to investigate, frame and analyze issues of global significance. Here are a few links to resources to assist you in the development and evaluation of your unit or units. Note: "Unit" implies more than one lesson. Check with your district on what defines a curriculum unit.

Central Office Staff may develop a curriculum unit or units as described under the Teachers, or they may develop professional development in order to build district capacity for developing global awareness.

Principals and LEA Superintendents are to develop a Leadership Brief that describes the process utilized at building/district level to support and sustain staff efforts in development of student global awareness.

North Carolinal Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Global Connections
You will find the abridged educator rubrics with only the global awareness elements that are indicated in the State Board of Education Global Educator Digital Badge Policy.

Content Specific Resources
This page provides content specific standards and resources connections to global education.

NC Summary Rubric
This rubric is used for the Capstone Project (CP) evaluation at the school, district and state level. The CP must meet the Standards, Deeper Learning and Global Education required elements.

CCSSO Four Capacities
The Global Education Capacities or Competencies further defined from the NC Summary Rubric Global Education requirements.

Capstone Project Checklists
These checklists are to guide the candidate in the development of their Capstone Project for required elements and should be used at the school/district level evaluation before submitting to the state for review and acceptance. The state level review utilizes the same checklist in the review process.

Schoolnet: Development of Materials and Approval Process
Provides guidelines for sharing and approving instructional materials for the state bank in Schoolnet, the Instructional Improvement System within Home Base. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction promotes and facilitates the sharing of instructional materials such as the GEDB Capstone Projects across the state using Schoonet. Offering high quality materials created by North Carolina educators for educators will help to build educational capacity across the state and serves as a means of professional learning.

Formative Assessment Evaluation Guidance for the Capstone Project
This document aligns the four capacities/competencies that define the Global Education evaluation requirements with the NCEES global awareness rubric elements. This document can be used by the educator to reflect on student outcomes that reflect global awareness in their own classroom and also use for peer feedback or in a PLC community discussion. The outcome statements are written in grade band levels of K-5, 6-8 or 9-12. Educators may also utilize the outcome statements to develop their learning target or outcome statements in their unit(s).

Capstone Project Evaluation Guidance
This document aligns the four capacities/competencies that define the Global Education evaluation requirements with the NCEES global awareness rubric elements. This document is intended to guide the summative evaluation of the CP by supervising administrator when observing the CP, and by the school, district and state evaluation team. The teacher can use this guidance to self-evaluate and revise unit(s) based on this criteria prior to administrator observation or submission for evaluation.