Global Awareness: NCEES Connections
Global Awareness Definitions

The 21st Century Learning Skills definitions are embedded throughout the //North Carolina Professional Standards// and reflected in the //North Carolina Educator Evaluation System// rubrics.

The State Board of Education policy on the Global Educator Digital Badge (GEDB) process allows educators to demonstrate their global competence through the ability to develop their students' capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance through disciplinary and interdisciplinary study. The badging process allows educator to reflect on their NC Educator Evaluation Rubric specific global awareness elements performance. This analysis will then provide for educator customization of their professional growth needs in those elements and along with their supervising administrator determine the professional development path that meets their documented goals and/or strategies. Attainment of the digital badge is not an endorsement on the educator license, rather it is a a reflection of the focused professional development and resulting classroom, school, or district practice as seen in the Capstone Project.

Abridged educator rubrics with only the global awareness elements that are indicated in the GEDB Policy are located here.

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ACTIVITY: Look at the Teacher abridged NCEES rubric.

On a hard copy or digital copy saved to your desktop, underline or highlight the global awareness references
throughout the document. When you have completed marking, with a partner discuss the following questions.
(You may want to take some notes from your discussion).
  • Element 1a: Who comes to mind in your school, district or state that is a leader in global awareness and why?
  • Element IIb: What materials or lessons have you observed where teachers counteract stereotypes and acknowledge the contribution of all cultures?
  • Element IIIc: How do teachers promote global awareness and the relevance in your school or district?
  • Element IIId: How can we ensure that teachers are aware of these 21st century skills?
  • Element IVf: What type of opportunities have you provided or have observed that allows students to work in diverse group settings?
  • Element Vb: Other than today, what global ed PD have you attended and share why you attended it?


Option A: Sticky Notes

If you were an observer in a classroom, what might you see as an evidence of fostering global awareness at each of the rubric levels?
Write your thoughts on a sticky note and place on your teacher rubric sheet that you have highlighted.

Option B: Gallery Walk :
Move to a table with a rubric element where you will find chart paper and sticky notes. If you were an observer in a
classroom, what might you see as an evidence of fostering global awareness at each of the rubric levels. When finished
with your chart, place on the wall (sticky paper) and proceed to do a gallery walk through the other elements. Add any
other evidences that you feel would fit under those rubric elements.

Be prepared to share your thoughts with the whole group

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